IPrium's CEO Danil Shendrik to discuss about the company

TOMSK, Russia, August 26, 2015 - IPrium is a specialized company that solves problems associated with digital signal processing for radio communications. It works with both foreign and Russian manufacturers of telecommunications equipment. The company employs mostly mathematician programmers, and the company's activity is to develop algorithms for devices used in modern microwave and satellite communication, and digital video broadcasting.

In 2006, Danil Shendrik, a TUSUR University graduate, and an employee at the research and production company Micran, decided to organize his own company in order to combine mathematical formulas, engineering calculations and programming techniques and begin to create modern integrated circuits for digital signal processing. He decided to name this new company IPrium (from words - Intellectual Property ). "During the last 20 years the world is actively switching to the digital principle of information transmission and effective operation of communication systems is being more and more determined by mathematical algorithms applied in them. Electronics, computers, television and the Internet are developing, too. Outwardly, all modern communication systems look very different, but inside they are becoming more and more similar to each other. The development of universal components of such systems is the main task of IPrium - Danil says.

Danil Shendrik was right: his universal modems were in demand among equipment manufacturers and found consumers almost immediately. Today IPrium is successfully operating worldwide. The company's line of business includes elaboration of mathematical algorithms and their implementation in the form of integrated circuits for modems. "Our company lays emphasis on the intellectual part of wireline, as well as wireless digital communication systems. We can create and implement efficient algorithms of digital signal processing as well as methods of modulation/demodulation, cryptography, and forward error correction. The point is that the information should be mandatorily processed, transformed into a more suitable form before transmitting. Television, radio, satellites - all these systems use radio signals with very complex modulations. The task of a mathematician programmer is to find the most optimal method of formation and signal reception for such transmission. That is exactly what we are doing".

Over 9 years IPrium has successfully implemented more than 70 projects that were recognized and widely used in the form of digital modems and other devices of new generation. In fact, his company is an independent research institute and design bureau all in one. "Theoretically, we could become part of a large company as a department. But we are quite satisfied with our autonomy. Financially, we are independent and successful, which is the most important thing, and we succeed in almost everything we do, therefore, I see no point in changing anything, at least in the nearest future".

What Danil does see the point in at this stage, that is in the inflow of new qualified specialists. "We are very interested in new employees. We need professionals who are able to combine three areas: mathematics, radio electronics and programming. In our work, the main priority is speed, since it is necessary to keep pace with rapid technological progress. As an example, we can take stages of development of cellular communication. In the recent past we used phones by means of which it was only possible to transmit voice and then we were able to send text messages, then photo and video messages (MMS), and now each phone has the high-speed Internet and video communication. "Wearable" electronics is developing now as well - watches, glasses and various body sensors, and moreover, the Internet of Things and "smart homes" are on their way.

The success of any company, developing new technologies and systems, as well as of any design bureau depends largely on the scientific potential used in the process. You need to have a lot of knowledge and skills - summarizes Danil. "We are interested in cooperation with universities, mainly technical, technical faculties of humanitarian universities, and research institutes. IPrium may become a "bridge" between scientists and enterprises in order to implement scientific ideas into production. There are often interesting, useful developments hidden lying "on the shelf" at universities and research institutions, developments which can be and should be brought into life, and implemented in practice. And I would really like to be involved in the process".

Denis KULIKOV, "Krasnoe Znamya", Tomsk Newspaper.


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