What is an IP Core

An IP Core (Intellectual Property Core) stands for:

a block which is based on intellectual property.

An IP Core is generally based on a patented invention or a revolutionary technology. In the first case, the patent discloses the novelty and key moments of technology within the IP Core; whereas, in the second case, all the features of the algorithms underlying the IP Core are known only to the IP Core development company. IP Core technology permits licensing patented inventions as a turnkey solution that the customer can promptly evaluate before making a final decision regarding its purchase. Licensing can be granted by royalties per device or without quantitative restrictions.

It is worth mentioning that an IP Core is not only a netlist library or IC layout. IPrium LLC offers full transfer of knowledge regarding technology, on which the IP Core is based, and offers additional training for the clients, a detailed technical description of the IP Cores, Matlab/Octave models and evaluation boards in addition to the complete project examples.

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