IPrium releases SOQPSK-TG LDPC Modulator for Aerospace Telemetry

FOGGIA, Italy, June 28, 2023 - FPGA intellectual property (IP) provider IPrium LLC (www.iprium.com) has today announced that it has extended its family of CPM Modulator IP products with a new SOQPSK-TG LDPC Modulator IP Core for telemetry data systems.

The IP Core is a complete digital SOQPSK-TG, SOQPSK-MIL, SOQPSK-A and SOQPSK-B modulator with an integrated AR4JA LDPC Coding, optimized for communications systems with non-linear amplifiers.

soqpsk-tg ar4ja ldpc modulator ip core/

The SOQPSK-TG LDPC Modulator is silicon-proven and is fully compliant with the IRIG 106-22 Telemetry Standard.

The IP Core provides a turnkey single-chip solution that can be used in both narrowband or wideband satellite and aeronautical applications.

Pricing and Availability

The SOQPSK-TG LDPC Modulator IP Core is available immediately in synthesizable Verilog or optimized netlist format, along with synthesis scripts and a simulation test bench with expected results.

For further information, a product evaluation or pricing, please visit the IP Core page:

About IPrium LLC

IPrium Modem IP Cores allow designers of communication equipment to rapidly develop and verify their systems in a highly cost-effective manner. IPrium offers FPGA IP Cores for high-quality wireless and wireline modems. Visit IPrium at www.iprium.com.