CCSDS SCCC Modulator and Turbo Encoder IP Core

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DVB modulators

The IP Core implements CCSDS 131.2-B-1 SCCC Modulator and Turbo Encoder .

Key Features:

  • Compliant with CCSDS 131.2-B-1 Standard, Flexible Advanced Coding and Modulation Scheme for High Rate Telemetry Applications
  • Supports all 27 mandatory encoding and modulation mechanisms: SCCC Turbo Encoder, Interleavers and QPSK, 8-PSK, 16-APSK, 32-APSK, 64-APSK modulations
  • On-the-fly MODCOD block change
  • Shaping filters with roll-off 35%, 30%, 25% and 20%
  • Easy integration with JESD204B DAC
Data Interface Transfer Frame Slicer Scrambler SYNC Marker ASM Turbo Encoder CC1 Interleaver/ Pucturing Turbo Encoder CC2 Bit Interleaver Bit Mapping PL Header Insertion Pilots Insertion PL Scrambler Pulse Shaping Filter Fractional Resampler Quadrature Modulator NCO DDS

Version : 1.0
Build date : 2022.08
Ordering code : ip-ccsds-sccc-modulator-turbo-encoder
Supported technologies : FPGA (Xilinx, Intel/Altera, Lattice, Microsemi/Actel)
The IP Core resource utilization and performance : Specification (PDF)