DVB-T Modulator IP Core

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DVB modulators

The IP core is a full-featured digital DVB-T modulator and is fully compatible with the ETSI EN 300 744 (v1.6.1) standard.

Supported mode of operation: Non-hierarchy 2K (default), Hierarchy (+30% to the IP Core price), 2K/8K (+30% to the IP Core price), Full (+50% to the IP Core price).

TS Interface Scrambler Reed-Solomon Interleaver Convolutional Encoder Puncturing Bit-wise Interleaver Symbol Interleaver Mapper Framer TPS Pilot Insertion IFFT Guard Interval Digital Upconverter

Version : 2.1
Build date : 2015.07
Ordering code : ip-dvbt-modulator
Supported technologies : FPGA (Xilinx, Intel/Altera, Lattice, Microsemi/Actel), ASIC (Digital ASIC)
The IP Core resource utilization and performance : Specification (PDF)